Christmas Decorations 2018

The season is upon us, and the BIG day is only a few sleeps away. I have one very excited little girl at home who is counting down the days for me. We have been getting ready since November and this year we have added a few new DIY decorations.

For those who don't know me, along with being a photographer I am also a crafter. I love creating, building and re-purposing everyday items. Sometimes these crafts are small things like paper banners or felt flowers for a special little girls birthday, other times I get to dig out the power tools. This year I managed to get a good few DIY's in, along assembling some of my favorite festive decorations to date with very little energy or money. I thought given the season it would be nice to share my favorite decorations and DIY's with you. So here we go!

Every year I seem to add one or two more things to our outdoor display. This year, as I have in the past, filled our window boxes with boughs of evergreen cut from the woods behind my house. I made my first outdoor wreath from the same boughs. This 24" beauty took less then an hour to make and because I can reuse the frame year after year it was pennies to make. I add lots of twinkly lights, my laser light and festive moose to complete the display for this year. That doesn't mean I'm not considering what I can add next year!

Inside my front door you are greeted by the tree; fresh cut from Chases Tree Farm in Marysville. I grew up with real trees, the smell of the evergreen adds to the Christmas spirit! We choose to decorate with handmade and natural ornaments, and lots of red! On the inside of the front door you can see the indoor wreath I made with the leftovers from another project a wire coat hanger and some plastic bobbles I snagged on sale at Walmart.

Next to the tree is one of my favorite projects this year, a stocking post. We've never had an ideal place to put stockings, and after searching for ideas for years I finally found one that I loved, and had all the supplies for! One end post for a railing, flat board for a base, stain and some hooks. I ended up roughly sanding it all before staining it. Once the stain had dried, I gave it 24 hrs, i went over it with 120 grit sandpaper to give it a well loved look. Attached the base and post and added felt on the bottom to protect the floors. Finally I re-purposed the hooks from a coat hook we no longer have the space to use. I'm in love with how it turned out and couldn't be happier with it!

On the adjacent wall from the tree I added a collage made out of items we already had and some new ones I found at the Dollarama. A couple of Christmas trees by the couch to add a bit of ambiance in the evenings. 

Another simple add, some glass bottles with red ribbon and small ornaments and trimmings from the tree.

And finally my other favorite project from this year, the table center piece, my DIY lantern. Created entirely out of items from the Dollarama this cost me about 30.00 to create. I used five 8x10" frames, real wood and I painted with chalk paint I had on hand. I took the backing and inserts out and used hot glue to affix them to each other and then to and 8x8" canvas. I wrapped the base and part of the top with garland and added pine cones and gold accents. Filled with my preferred decorations and I was done.  

And with that I think I am out of time and ideas for this year, with the exception of the cinnamon ornaments that are currently baking!

What are your favorite Holiday DIY's? do you have any that you have turned into a tradition like my cinnamon ornaments? 
 Wishing everyone a very